My Refinable Token disappeared

Please help. I bought refinable token, then I added custom token to make it show on the front page.
It worked. It showed 1050 FINE tokens. But in less than an hour, it went down to 0! My BNB 0.18BNB also went down to 0. Please help!

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I have the same issue on version 5.21 (5210) i have added the address but they are not showing my balance, it is however picked up by pancake swap that sees the tokens in my wallet

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Mine is weird too, it showed that I had FINE, 20 minutes later it disappeared and my BNB balance went back up, but I searched my hash, it shows that I have 186 FINE, and I can’t transfer the BNB out ( probably it’s used to buy the FINE )

How to search Hash to see FINE token balance? I am a newbie, please help

if you look in your BNB smart chain token you can see the transfer details

You mean the BNB balance in Trust Wallet? Where it says “Transactions will appear here”? There are no transactions showing for either Smart Chain or FINE Token. The FINE and BNB values used to be there. Now they are exactly 0. I can’t find any hash.

I just bought zilliqa coin using pancake swap … the transactions shows success but the balance is not showing in my wallet at all … no amount is showing … please help

not the regular bnb, the smart chain one. pancake swap uses the smart chain version

Yes, there are no transactions showing when I click on my smart chain token on trust wallet. It says “transactions will appear here” but no transactions are showing at all.

if nothing shows its a problem i guess, either your smart chain balance would appear or you need a contract stating where they moved

Copy your address for your fine coin ( receive ) and paste it in bsc scan

I fixed mine!! I decided to use switch on my VPN and refreshed my balance, some how it shows my FINE tokens!! I hope it works for you too! It reappeared!!

Thanks for all the help, mine went back to normal witnout doing anything. Guess it was a glitch or something.

I need help, I bought Fine as well however the pricing isn’t being reflected in the trust wallet!!! What is going on!!!

Create a custom token in trustwallet with smart with the following details:
Smart chain network
Refinable address
Refinable as name
FINE as token

Go to bsc scan, sorry we are new members so I don’t have the power to paste link, just Google it
Go to your wallet and click the receive> address> copy your address and paste in the scan, it will show you the transaction