No record of transaction

My safemoon and BNB just disappeard from my trustwallet, and there is no record of any transaction in my wallet, can someone help me with this issue? And how can I recover my criptos? Tks.

edu, go here bscscan dot com. what does your bscscan show? You should see a history there.

Tks, but how do I log in? What information is needed? I never used this…

Log your wallet address into the search bar in bscscan. After you submit the search, you will see a log of transactions associated with your wallet. You might see where the coins went there.

My eth has been lost.When i sent from my binance account to trustwallet.My eth has been lost.I created too many tickets but nobody give me answer back.

I got 4 transactions in the history that I didn’t do… So that’s it, I just lost it?