Not received reward for referrals

Hi guys, I downloaded the application from my friend’s link, but did not receive 100 TWT tokens. What could be the problem?


У меня такая же проблема не получил токены

Tokens will be distributed later, the balance is in your Invite Friend screen

На сколько позже? Уважаемый

Будет известно позже, раздача будет производится раз в месяц скорее всего

Ну это будет полюбому правильно?

Да, но позже, не сразу

Примерно можете хотя бы сказать сроки?

You need to apply the inviter code and neex to invite to earn 400 twt and wait for the distribution every 1st week of the month. The minimum twt is 500. You need to have 500 twt so that the trust wallet team will distribute it to your wallet.

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+1 yes you need to have 500 twt :grin:

:heavy_check_mark:Old referral program is over.

*Referral Program V2 has been launched