Not receiving WETH from mining pool

I use to mine pool send me WETH.It shows status:receive.But I did not receive it between 14 dec and to this day.Except these days I received WETH regularly.The issues start at 14 dec.

This is from pool that send to my Trust Wallet.

This is the 4 Txn hash




Hello @Kmyat can you send the screenshot of your current WETH balance displaying in your wallet?

There is no transtion history since 14 dec. I reinstall Trust Wallet app because i think it has error.After reinstalling app there is no all of transations histroy.

@Kmyat transaction history is missing but the balance is correct. You can check your transactions history on explorer.

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I did it mate thanks for your information.I hope the transtaions histroy will notify me after reinstalling app.

Thank you for helping me find the information I needed. I found that my assets are right by searching at explorer.Trust wallet should fix not showing translation history because there is plenty of beginner at cryptocurrency.Have a nice day! :blush: