Panncakeswap staking

Listen , I made some kind of LP-,token out of cake tokens and Jupiter tokens.
This was a couple of weeks ago.

I would very much like to unstake and get back, , what ever is lleft of it into my trustwallet.

So, I’ve been sitting ALL day trying to figure this out.

But I can’t find my shit anymore, please…

I’m too stupid so if anybody with a functional brain could help me out I would surely appreciate it.

Look at the correct blockchain explorer, all pancakeswap is done using binance smart chain, you bscscan

But shouldn’t I be able to them in panncakeswap?
Everybody else’s staking is showing over there?
And from there undertake?
I know it’s the bsc blockchain ,that’s not a problen

yes, you have lp tokens, so go to pancake liquidity page, you may need to import the token addresses to show your balances those if the tokens are not already whitelisted in pcs tokens list

use that and select the coins you have in lp tokens, you may need to get the smart contract addresses for them from bscscan

Transaction Hash:

LP unstaked, but no any LP in my Trust Wallet?

LP token import it completed for sBGO and BUSD. No any result. My liquidity is zero.