Pending bitcoin transfer

My bitcoin transfer has been on pending for hours now . Can you sort this for me please
This is my wallet address bc1qn2vgm2vkqg92jxzzf6sstcaws9heye5cxecm47

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Yeah I can I can so simple hit me up let’s so this but it gonna involve little work

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Help me ASAP pls , Tell me what to do and tell me how long it takes . I’ve been waiting but still on pending

Okay . So how long does it takes to confirm or return back to my wallet please ?

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It can take 7 days ?
Or weeks ?
I really need the bitcoin , but they’re really fucking up

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Hi there I’ve sent crypto xrp from binance wallet to trust wallet but didn’t receive it yet since yesterday
How to get it or cancel the transfer now

I have same issue since yesterday, Please I need help how to cancel it

This is the 10th day I made a BTC transfer and it’s still “PENDING” ,I reduced the fee though but I want the transaction cancelled.


sir, i am withdraw my kin token from my trustwallet. but this withdraw stil pending. plz solve this problem.

my receive kin adress is D6oakT7AvvtBVFJK8KJadNtMHAWXcFqAxVkkUUzHZG3k

and my trustwallet kin recived adrees is x7oKZjCZSSNQTn3TwRmV5G8BCXgBGry6tu392y3jJS3