Please help me! Sent BNB to Binance with incorrect memo

Please be patient. The Guys from Tw are working hard. They 1000% help you. All you need to do, provide please additional informational. Transaction hash?

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If you sent BNB from your Trust Wallet to your Binance Account and the transaction is completed, and yet it’s not showing in your account, it could mean either of these:

  1. A wrong address was used.
  2. You did not make use of the memo
    Binancee gave you.
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Hi @Griego10,

Please contact the customer support of Binance so they can assist you with the deposit issue.


Hi @iamdeadlyz

I sent usdt from binance to TW…can’t use it and can’t send back cos I need 7.1 trx as fees…how do I solve this as I want to send the usdt back to binance but can only buy a minimum of 10usd of tron on binance?

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any tips on getting Binance support? I filed a ticket 4 days ago. I have tried to use twitter to contact Binance Support …3 days ago. I tried to use Reddit live chat. so far, no contact AT ALL.

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@Tsktsk, to get TRX, you can buy via the third-party crypto provider that is integrated into the app (guide: How to Buy Crypto With Trust Wallet) or by withdrawing from an exchange (example: Buy/Sell Bitcoin, Ether and Altcoins | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Binance). If you have a friend who has spare TRX, you may want to contact them as well.

@hjmcmahon, got no tips. The only way to contact them is via their official support page: &

thanks, fyi, this is support that I am having the problem with

Hi guys I’m really worried as I’m new to this and have sent money from trust wallet I used the correct receipt code but I didn’t put the right memo number in have I now lost all this money? Please help thanks

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@hjmcmahon, ah, I see. Well, in that case, the only way is via

Hello @Rbryan55, did you send the cryptos to your deposit address on Binance? Or to another exchange? Please specify.

@iamdeadlyz does having this information help in any way with getting my funds/coins recovered?

@Bmister check my response here:

Is there anyway of contacting someone on the phone and speaking about my concern as I have a big problem with the way I have withdrawn it thanks

Be informed that no one from the Trust Wallet team will assist via phone call. Also, afaik, Binance doesn’t support over phone calls as well.

You have to directly reach out to the recipient platform where you got the address to send your BNBs.

I literally did this exact same thing and I still haven’t received money back in Binance. Have you been able to resolve the issue??

This has been an issue for me too. I’ve noticed that there is no “chat” option in BinanceUS. Is that correct?

I’m really struggling to get any feed back on my problem which happened on Sunday evening I’ve sent money without the correct memo and don’t understand where it has gone please can anyone point me in the right direct please?

Dude, same here. If you see this, please let me know what you find out!

I think I’m going to start sending a customer support request daily until they respond. It’s been a week with no response.

To anyone who is experiencing the same issue…

If you are a user, proceed with either of the following:

For users: