Polkadot in Wallet but Not in DEX

I have tried work aroundsw suggestd on related threads. I have the latest version and so deleted and reimported but still shows zero coins if I want to swap or exchange. Other thread I saw seemed to have assistance in the backdround to resolve. Any advice welcomed please.


Hi @Jeremy17
If the Polkadot you have is on the native network, then you won’t be able to swap in the Trust app.
Only ERC20 and BEP20 tokens are supported in the DEX tab for Trust wallet.

Thank you for advice. Complicated.

I purchased them on Binance and so presumably BEP20? How would I know whether ‘native’?

It’s not just swapping, but the exchange as well shows zero coins. Or are you saying such coins can only be transferred out to another exchange that supports them?

The other similar query/post was resolved but seemed to need some help behind the scenes.

Does your reply mean only Eth and Binance Smart chain tokens can be swapped or exchanged in Trust Wallet (what ever tokens they are). All a bit unclear especially if trying to sell quickly.

Your further advice would be appreciated please - thank you.

Can you confirm what the receiving address for the Polkadot is?
And yes only ERC20 and BEP20 based tokens can be swapped in the Trust app.

Thank you, the address is 13tkjw2mMPegzX7n2Z9oBLTrE1uZKemnjaszqZsP3KMS9roP

Does this tell you it is native even though purchased in Binance.

When you say ‘swapped’, I take it you mean both swapped AND exchanged.

How does one work out if a coin is not ERC20 or BEP20. Is it easy?

Thank you.

Hi @Jeremy17, yes the DOT you have is on the native network.
You may need to send out to an exchange like Binance and then swap into any preferable coin of your choice there.

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