Purchased 2 transactions for KOBI

Hi, recent purchase of KOBI
Two transactions - appears as issues in both showing in TrustWallet however both show in BSCscan and also in PooCoin listing. Only 9.5m tokens showing however purchase amount is greater. Please confirm. All details and screenshots below. Cheers

Hash1 - 0x9f954020923b9770f15439d1f5674bb0bf8b0d2a00b237ed7c183c8efbfbba87
Hash 2 - 0xab21e570701e21f0a8052e11131b573d46f0716b1cac58e55f21246084ede273

Hello @Dwgree that is the actual amount you have currently No lost token. Trust wallet shows what you have on blockchain. If it is the error during swapping, contact DApp used for swapping.