Purchased BNB not there

I purchased BNB using Moonpay via my trustwallet. I have done this before. Yet this time it says the transaction is complete, yet the funds have still not appeared in my trustwallet over 2 hours later. How can I fix this or do I just need to be patient?


Adding to this because I cant make my own post and seems like somethings up with BNB.
I sent some to my trustwallet, transaction shows under BNB, but everytime I refresh its there, then its not there, then its there, and that keeps repeating.
I’m trying to swap for something but its un-usable because BNB keeps disappearing

I have the same problem with the ETC. After about twenty hours, I still have not received an answer. To be sure, do the following steps once:
1 Update your app
2 Re import your wallet
3 Use VPN

Any recommendations for VPN? I’ve not used one before. I did try to recover the wallet with no success, the transfer is still missing. When I contact Moonpay they tell me the transfer was successful. Help!