Receiving address invalid

Hello! I’m new to Trust Wallet.
I’ve been trying to purchase BNB and have been denied by moonpay and symplex.
I have a Binance.US account and tried to withdraw BNB to Trust Wallet but Binance.US says the receiving address is invalid.
How can I fix this issue?

Hello @TWB you have to contact Binance US for clarification. Trust Wallet accepts all BNB versions (BEP2 & BEP20).

Thank you!
Yes! I have contacted Binance us but no reply as of yet.
I did get an interesting reply from Symplex stating that BNB cannot be sold in the state of Florida. I have a friend who purchases BNB via Trust Wallet and Symplex, also a Florida resident.
I can purchase BNB via my Binance us account but cannot send to Trust Wallet due invalid address.
Cannot purchase through Moonpay and Symplex.
Binance us is good in Florida.
Any advice is appreciated greatly!
Thank you!