Receiving UMEE to Cosmos Wallet

Hello Hive mind,
I designated my Cosmos wallet address to receive my UMEE token distribution from Coinlist (

Only AFTER providing my Cosmos address did I notice the message ‘Send only Cosmos (ATOM) to this address. Sending any other coins may result in permanent loss.’

Does anyone know what will happen when the UMEE team attempt to distribute tokens to that address? Is it simply a matter of TrustWallet supporting the UMEE token?

CoinList is unable to change the distribution address for UMEE tokens so that path is a dead end. I’m hoping there’s a solution with TrustWallet support and community.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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Hello @Rube1 we don’t support cosmos based tokens. You have to find a wallet that supports cosmos based tokens and import your Trust wallet recovery phrase. Otherwise, nothing we can do.

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@Alan47 - That is super helpful. Easy peasy - I’ll just do that with Keplr wallet. Many thanks for the help. :pray: :pray: :pray: