Safemoon tokens disappeared

I looked in my wallet yesterday and everything was fine, now when I look at it it says all of my coins are gone, I had a little over 1bil and now it’s saying I only have 100. Please help.


Tried swapping safemoon for binance block money disappeared safemoon never appeared


That’s another thing, I didn’t even try to swap for anything. I’m holding it.

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Would like to hear this too.
I have the same issue I was holding 13M tacocat, TrustWallet now displays that I’m only holding 0,13 tacocat. Also on bscscan I can not see any transactions going out, so I think this is a bug.

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I checked on there to and I can see when it was taken out and what contract address it went to, where do I go from there?

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I am writing this official complaint to bring to your attention regarding the discrepancy on crypto currency I have on my account with the Trust Wallet Account. I have send numerous e-mails in the last 3 to 4 days but no action was taken on this matter.
I placed order using My Trust Wallet by using Pancake Swap which was connected to BSC Scan and placed an order to buy Safemoon Tokens using my Smartchain BNB. In my account there was a Smartchain BNB of 16.47082825 and I have used 3 Smartchain BNB to buy 231,760,688.10 Tokens of Safemoon. Currently, my trust Wallet shows that i hold only 6.14428446 Safemoon tokens instead it should be showing 231,760,688.10 Tokens of Safemoon and a balance of 13.47082825 Smartchain BNB. As a customer being with safewallet i feel so worried that my account is showing no balances of Smartchain BNB. in this email i have attached the proof and screenshot of every transaction including that of BSC Scan to make sure that my case is genuine and something needs to be done asap to resolve this matter .



I really need help also… I did something wrong and send my crypto to the wrong address… what to do now??

My SafeMoon is missing
My ElonGate is missing
My Bonfire is missing

Please fix and put back into my account




I have the same problem. I have pasted my contract address on BSCscan and it shows this. Does it still exist?|233x500

I also have the same issue, I have my eclipse tokens missing. They were there couple days ago and today some of my coins have gone missing. The app is up to date as well. I have contacted Simplex and they stated that my transaction has gone through and Ctypro has been brought. However they are not showing up anymore on my Trust wallet. Can you please put them back in.

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I also bought Safemoon two days ago I am yet to see it reflect in Trust wallet


Last night when I went to bed I had 329 million tokens of SafeMoon. This morning when I woke up to see what it had done over night I only had 19. What is going on? Is there anything at all I can do?


I have had the same thing happen! I lost over 101 million safemoon, just gone what the hell is happening!!!


Guys,if there is no transactions at all into wallet and my safemoon disappeared, what’s meaning this?
The scamers let’s say can transfer the tokens without any transactions record into the Trust wallet?Thanks

I bought into bnb money was taken out of my account and not showing, also I transferred from smart chain to safemooncash and have yet to see it on my trustwallet

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Something is going bad, the earlier it’s being looked into the better the community and safe for everyone , Almost five persons have complained about Safemoon here including myself but I am yet to see or hear reactions from Trust wallet about such serious matters and complaint : “Is Safe moon really safe”? That coin (money) left one’s wallet to pay for a service or exchange that was not rendeared should condemned in a highest term and Trust wallet should investigate it because they are using their platform , secondly Trust has the tranction history to do so and such organization should be banned by Trust wallet. Finally I need answer to my previous three (3) complaints (1) address of Stellar gold XLMG that disappointed from my wallet (2) Safe moon issue I complained on going (3) Coin I paid for but it was not given to me but the amount was collected .

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We have to say,Trustwallet can do better in customer support , lots of us getting scammed because looking for support when we see our wallets empty.Personally got scammed after my safemoon tokens disappeared, I was looking for assistance to fix my 189 million SFM gone(without any transaction records), 3 working days to be contacted by Trustwallet is too much


Hey everyone,

I just got a new iPhone today and had all my data transferred onto my new phone. When I opened up TrustWallet and entered my recovery phrase, I was stunned to find that all of my Safemoon was gone. I’ve been trying different things for hours and can’t figure out what it is. Has anyone experienced this issue?

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I had a similar thing happen to me. I used pancake swap to convert 1 BNB Smart Chain into safemoon which should have been roughly $450 worth. The transaction went thru but it only gave me around $45 worth of safemoon but now I only have $4.93 of BNB. Please help I’m missing $400 worth of coins

I had more 20 billion safemoon a few days ago and today when I check all my safemoon are gone. I have not done any transactions. Please help. I submitted the support ticket and no help. I also had 1.8283051 BNB in my wallet 11 days ago that went missing overnight as well. It3been 11 days no response from Trust wallet support team yet