Selected wrong network

Hello, yesterday I wanted to sent SHIB (BEP20) from Binance to my Coinbase account. (ERC20 I think) I have chosen the wrong network and now my SHIB didn’t arrive to my Coinbase account. How can I claim this identical BEP20 address to get access to my funds? I couldn’t find anything about rephrase words on Coinbase to migrate my Coinbase account to Trustwallet. What can I do now? I have messaged Coinbase and Binance, but I couldn’t get any help so. What can I do now?

TX hash:


SHIB address on my Coinbase account :



Hello @Sunji117 there is nothing we can do from our side. You sent your funds from Binance to Coinbase not Trust wallet. You have to contact Binance and Coinbase.