Sent 0,27183007 BNB and Still 0 BNB on the Wallet

Today, I sent 0,27183007 BNB from exchange (Indodax) to my BNB wallet at m TrustWallet.

as seen on the hash here…

The problem is, my BNB wallet on my TrustWallet is stil ZERO ( 0 BNB ).

I looking for any explain and advice from TrustWallet’s official about this.


I tried send LTC but it did not work, dey showed me error-400 for the pass 4 days now. Please help me out is urgent am

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I have the same problem problema

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Try updating your app to see what happens after doing that

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I sent 5,35 bnb, and they didn’t arrive from my balance

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i have the same problem
transaction is through, but still 0 BNB in my wallet


Same here, did someone have a solution? I just have a latest versionnof this app