Sent Binance Peg Ethereum to ETH wallet on Uphold

I accidentally sent Binance-Peg Ethereum (BEP20) from my Trust Wallet to an Ethereum wallet (ERC20). This Ethereum wallet is on Uphold. I have tried a few options from the FAQ and some others ideas on how to recover using meta mask or a new multicoin wallet. I have been able to set up a new smart chain wallet on my trust account and used the address of the ETH wallet on uphold and can now see the Binance Peg ETH in that wallet but it is a ‘watch only’ wallet.

As with others there is no Private Key for this Uphold wallet as its on the exchange. I have submitted a ticket with them, but have not heard anything back yet.

Is there anyway for me to get access to this watch wallet without their private key? Even if to just send it back to my main wallet on Trust?

I really appreciate any help.

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I did the exact same as above and stuck with a watch wallet

Any help would be appreciated

I did the same. I sent Binance-Peg Ethereum (BEP20) from my Trust Wallet to my Ethereum wallet (ERC20) on Uphold. I sent a support request to Uphold. They said they can’t help and to contact Trust Wallet. I sent Trust Wallet a support request and am waiting for a response. I cannot manage to do what you described in setting up a new Smart Chain wallet and seeing my Binance Peg ETH in that wallet (watch only). All I see in the wallet is BNB and it has nothing in it. Maybe I am doing something wrong. This is all very confusing.

Has anyone had any luck in recovering their Binance-peg Ethereum tokens? I spoke with both trust wallet and uphold with no help at all. I do have the watch wallet but without access. Anyone with any help is appreciated.

hello @alopez_emil @jeffklein @vbasra82
We have nothing to do from our side, confirmed blockchain transactions can’t be reversed or cancelled.

If Uphold support are not willing to recover the crypto or credit your account, then, unfortunately, you may consider it as lost. Please be careful next time and triple-check before transacting.