Sent binance peg Ethereum to Ethereum in Coinbase Wallet

Goodmorning everyone,

I have sent 2 times binance-peg Ethereum Money to my Ethereum Coinbase wallet. I still didn’t receive it. I have contacted Coinbase and they said I need to contact Trust Wallet, because the transaction was performed using Binance’s BEP2/BEP20 chain. They couldn’t reach out, because there platform does not support BEP2/BEP20. I saw in Q&A, that it is possible to get the money back, but I don’t understand how. Is there someone who can help me? I will compensate the half of the money I sended for the effort to get the money back. I hope to hear from you soon!



@Nahominho sorry, we’ve nothing to do from our side as your funds are no longer in Trust wallet but they’re in Coinbase and blockchain transactions can’t be reversed. If Coinbase support can’t help with your deposit, then consider it lost.

I have the same problem but my funds are still on the trust wallet I have about 11 euros of ethereum and I would like to move them from the trust or convert them but I can not do any operation even by increasing the fees, it always fails what can I do to get my 11 dollars back? i did the same with $ 5 btc but had no problem moving them help