Sent BNB to my Roqqu wallet, still missing

I have similar problem, though mine is not sent to a wrong address but yet it didn’t deliver. I have used that same wallet to send bnb to my trust wallet that same day and it delivered.
But when I sent from trust wallet to that same wallet it has not arrived since on 22nd February, 2021
Please I will appreciate if u can help me recover my bnb back to my dear trust wallet please sir. I plead with you in the name of God.

Transaction hash
Dex Explorer.

Amount of BNB sent is 1.5953866

Hi @Sonyotas,

You need to contact the customer support of Roqqu so they can assist you.

@iamdeadlyz Thank u for responding to my message. I really appreciate sir.
I have already contacted roqqu team and they are saying I did not use memo in the transaction so they cannot trace my bnb.
When I was sending from trust wallet memo is OPTIONAL and not copulsary.
Secondly I sent bnb from my roqqu wallet that same day without a memo and it was delivered immediately.
How come transferring from trust wallet to roqqu wallet will be different sir.
Pls assist me, I don’t want to loose my coin just like that sir.

This is the message I got from roqqu team after more than a week of complaining sir
Hello, Kindly know that BNB memo is not in that format… A bnb issue is not traceable without the memo. Next time, Log in to your app, scroll down to the BNB column and click it; also, click on receive bnb (you will get your unique bnb memo. Note that your transaction can not be traced without the correct memo. WE are sorry for the inconveniences. Thank you.

Let me post the transaction hash again so u can help me please sir.

Thank you so much sir

Roqqu requires you to enter a memo so they can credit your account properly.

Unfortunately, Trust Wallet cannot reverse nor cancel the confirmed transaction. You need to coordinate with the Roqqu customer support team and check if they are still willing to credit you for the deposit.

@iamdeadlyz Thank you sir.
It is very clear to me that roqqu is not ready to hear my plead and credit my account.

This is the money I wanted to use to pay my school fees. What else can I do? God will hear me.
Once again thank you for your prompt response.
I only made the mistake of not putting memo because trust wallet wrote OPTIONAL against MEMO when I was doing the transfer.
But in all thanks be to God. Once again thank you for your prompt response.
I really appreciate you sir

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Sorry to hear about that. Whenever someone requires you to enter a memo, please make sure you entered it. Trust Wallet displayed it as optional since not all wallets requires memo (example: sending BNB to someone who is using a non-custodial wallet like Trust Wallet app). Please be careful next time and triple check first. This may be an expensive lesson, I hope you’ll bounce back from this. Wishing you the best buddy, cheers~

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