Sent busd from trust in the bsc to binance erc20

What about the other way? If you sent busd from trust in the bsc to binance erc20? Can you assist?

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Binance usually has the same deposit address for BEP20 and ERC20. It is best to contact the customer support of Binance if ever the transaction is confirmed but your account is not yet credited.

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Unfortunately they still have two options, didn’t even think about it bc you can get BnB or BUSD on erc20. Successful tx. Would it help if I pm you the bscscan info or is it up to binanceus?

Oh, so you sent it to Binance US. You need to coordinate with them since they have your crypto. Trust Wallet does not have the ability to reverse nor cancel a confirmed transaction in the blockchain.

I did, and I thought that might be the answer. I’ve heard stories of being able to pick it up based on bscscan info. I’ve contacted them, thanks again.

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