Sent my ADA to Binance Hot Wallet. How to retrieve it?

Dear Community,

I sent ADA from my Binance account to trust wallet about 2 weeks ago.

ADA Address: 0xFDcA5A1b853A471Ae3A0131079767FCb08F1e079

TxID: 0xdfe0e46613332ee9995d3dd0bb30078b3bf2fef6a84cb8688881e4430c6691d9

Today when I wanted to move the tokens back to my Binance I just used the senders wallet ID from my trustwallet transaction history in assumption that the wallet ID was that of my Binance Ada ID:

and the tokens are yet to reflect in my Binance wallet.

please help

I made the same mistake on Doge and XLM

Hi @Shoguns,

You should send it to your personal deposit address, not directly to Binance’s hot wallet. Please contact the customer support of Binance so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

Thanks a bunch @iamdeadlyz, I just sent a message to the binance support

Please what do you mean by Binance’s hot wallet?

It is a hot wallet (learn about the different types of wallet here: What Is a Crypto Wallet? | Binance Academy) that is controlled by Binance.

It’s tagged on bscan for easy identification. Check the tx here:

Thanks Crypto Oracle, have learnt some now stuffs today.

I was afraid I lost my tokens.

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