Six digit Password issues

My Six digit Password has refused to work even though I input the correct digits. Please help. My wallet address is

I was having similar issues, I was privileged and fortunate to get help here, Write to TRUSTWALLET for genuine assistance

I am Mrs.M.SHIVAMANI from India. I installed the TRUSTWALLET APP. in my cell phone on 17.7.1920 without any PAACODE and I have been using the AAP. till 8.11.2021 without any PASSCODE. The APP. now insists the six digit PASSCODE. Hence I could not open the app. now.
My first wallet address is 0x8c2C0B4935fb352cDaCeC2C545F77fcD18bdE2CA

         Hence I request you to kindly send me the PASSCODE to my email early.

Please is there an admin to look into this problems. Sent a support ticket for 3 days now and theres been no response. I need to access my wallet please.

Hello Niclo, will deleting and reinstalling the app help?. Contacted support for 4days now but no help is forth coming.