Smart Chain Adress

Hi, I’m just wondering if it’s usual to have same wallet address for Smart Chain and Etherium? It’s kind weird and I don’t want send wrong token abd loose it. Here’s screen shot of both my eth and smart Chain adress - identical!

Hello yes the ERC20 and BSC have the same address on the Trust wallet app.


Can I transfer Orion tokens from Binance to Trust Wallet using the BEP-20 network?

Hi @Maremba444,

Yes, you can. ORN (BEP20) is supported in the app. Simply give your Smart Chain address as the receiver address.

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I see, currently I don’t see a possibility of linking Trust Wallet to the Orion trading platform. Any advice on this?

Hi, you can use wallet connect through Trust Wallet. Just go to settings and choose Wallet Connect when choosing wallet on Orion site. It should work, just check u have the right network. I think wallet connects selects the right network automatically but can’t say for sure.

I just tried now and it works. Enter in the URL bar of the DApps browser. Press “Add your wallet”, select the chain that you want (if Ethereum, make sure it is connected to ETH as well (check the logo on the top right corner), same goes for BSC), scroll down, choose Metamask, then connect.