Stop gambling app

I am not a coder but my passion is helping others.
Money is not my motive - Leaving a good legacy is far more important to me.

Gambling problems have increased during the lock-down and ironically this project has been in the making for about 4 years.

A simple UI that will allow the user to gamble in a simulated environment so they will not lose real money.

Eventually allowing them to understand the phycology behind gambling addiction - which is similar to smoking and alcoholism.

Like I said earlier, Money is not my motive
This is the reason that I feel no way to put this out there.

The objective is to teach the user to wean themselves off gambling similar to how babies are weaned off milk.

I would love to hear any suggestions
Search Google for “gamblewean”


It is good for the gambler not to lose real money

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There are more details and a link in my profile if you want to look at the original draught.

Gambling is for the impatient. IMO, desist from it.

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