Suggestions for Development

Hey Trust Team,

Really like your wallet, and it looks like there is tons of potential to be everyones goto wallet of choice.

One thing that stand out to me as essential missing feature.

The Send and Receive feature needs to have an optional field for specifying the amount in Fiat currency and have the wallet convert that amount to the coin satoshi value.

If I want to receive $10 from a customer using the Trust wallet how many steps does them using your wallet?

I certainly cannot suggest they keep putting in values until a specific dollar or euro value is hit. It should be easier to send $10 in any coins value. It should be 5 steps. Click coin, Click send, enter fiat value, confirm, Send.

Maybe this is a hidden feature but I cannot seem to find it

This is already available.
You can specify the Crypto or Fiat value that you are trying to send.
Just tap on the crypto ticket to toggle between crypto and fiat.


Thanks for the reply.

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