Swapped pear coin not showing in trust wallet

I have used apeswap.finance through trust wallet. I have swapped BNB for pear tokens. But it’s not showing up in my trust wallet.!

Please help me.
The transaction is successful.



Transaction hash


Please help me get my pear tokens back.

Hi! You’ll need to add the pair coin into your trust wallet to be able to see it populate inside. You do so by going to manage coins in the top right of your Trust Wallet main screen( 3 stacked little line symbol), scroll through until you find it.

If it’s not listed, you’ll need to scroll all the way to the bottom of that list and hit the manage/add coin. On the next screen, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CORRECT COIN NATIVE NETWORK selected or it will not process correctly and you won’t see it. Input the coin contract hash and the rest should auto populate and hit add in the top right. If everything was done correctly it will show up in your wallet now.

Hope that helped!


I thank you for your help and support. I swapped BNB bep20 for pear at apeswap.finance. I got pear tokens in bep20 which is detected on bsc support exchanges with pear options. The polygon in trust wallet supports matic chain. This is the reason my pear tokens are not showing. In apeswap or polygon bsc app it will be detected. Only way to get pear in matic is to wait until binance lists the pear or pear to bnb, bnb transfer to binance. In binance bnb to matic, matic (polygon chain) to trust wallet is the options available. The bsc network is gas (dollar) guzzling but cheaper than eth. Hope for polygon revolution to reduce it further. I have already lost more than 5 dollars.