Swapping Issue - Missing Tokens due to wrong price

Hi everyone,

Good day! I would like to ask for your help.
I swapped my ITAM to BNB via poocoin app connected to my Trust Wallet.

The problem is I lost 80 percent of immediately after submitting the swap. I found out via BSC Scan that the trade was made using Pancake Swap V1 instead of Pancake Swap V2.

Gas used in the transaction shows 49.54 percent.

Please help how can I recover the difference or missing tokens. I am very much depressed now.

Thanks for the help in advance!


Hello @ElGranLeon you have to contact poocoin for support on this issue.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for the quick response and advice. My problem is I don’t see any contact information for Poocoin, Could you please share their contact details with me?

Thanks for the help in advance!