Theta balance not showing

Good day,
Just sent theta to my TW address, says I recieved it, but the total theta I have is not correct.
Its not showing in the balance.
Even after refreshing.


Can you share the TW screen for your theta token? So that we can see the problem more clearly together.

For your information;
Some coins use an automatic burning system in every buy or sell transaction. And maybe Theta is.

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Have you made sure that theta coins use an automatic burning system or not in each of their transactions?

I have no idea what that is and I got the theya sent from to the wallet.

I dont know anything about this burning in transaction youre talking about though.

Try to contact Theta through their telegram or discord group about this. Usually the detailed technical explanation is there, in their group.

Ok, so they didn’t speak to
Because thats who sent it.
And yes ill contact them.

Problem is fixed. Its now in there, Thank you
Its all in there now. All of my theta.