Third thansaction of a total of 6k . none have arrived. non are showing. this is soo insane

why are my transactions not going through. they just dissapear. one is stuck in bitcoin and its only going downn… guys whybis this trustwallet transaction to other platforms soooo broken ols get me some help


Too many issues with this trust wallet … making me look for alternatives makes me uneasy qhen inhave to transfer or receive funds. I am usually splitting up the amounts into like 2-4 amounts

okay update, i used pankcake swap to swap my trades to usdt, wich is displayed in usdt in pancake swap app. I instantly create the usdt wallet op trustwallet but didnt see that it automatically tansfered it to busd. So long story short, i sent from my trustwallet, busdt to my Kucoin usdt wallet. Are they gone now? :frowning:

I am also having the same sort of problem. I bought Safemoon with BSC. I checked the BscScan and it shows successful but I have yet to receive the tokens. The BSC amount decreased but my Safemoon is still missing the 9,675,905 tokens. I also purchased Pornrocket and it showed in my token balance immediately. That was about 1 and a half hours ago. How long should I wait or is this an issue with buying SFM and I just have to wait it out? Help me guys please? Thanks in advance!

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I finally received the tokens!!! I knew patience would pay off!! Thanks for listening!