Tokens (Babydoge) not received

I withdraw 1,878,944,977,529.267 Babydoge coins from the Okex exchange on 29 Nov 2021 and have not received it. The withdrawal was completed from Okex and I have had this verified by them twice.

Withdrawl type (Babydoge-OEC network)
From: 0xeb196a61f9a1e35bf5053b65aaa57c5541dcba86
To: 0x547596d328990dfd1fc19c0e875b9c15eacb8025

None of my coins were received from this transaction. Please note the wallet already has Babydoge coins that I had transferred from Poloniex exchange earlier. Please help!


Great I have lost a lot from this someone please guid me I can’t swap any of my token and at times they do disappear why?

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