Tokens not in wallet after successful transaction

Hello all, and happy New Year’s Eve! I swapped my cute tokens for Shiba New Year tokens, and it was a successful transaction, however after importing the token into trust wallet it shows I only have 11 SHIBANY instead of the 12M+ I should have. Why is this?

Transaction hash:


Version 6.15 (6153)


Hello @Damian831
This is not a Trust wallet issue, kindly contact the project team for further assistance.

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How? According to the transaction hash the 12M was sent to my wallet account. How is that not a wallet issue?

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hi @JennyMillan

, i swapped my bnb smart chain for safemoon earlier. I got the smart contract call which says it was successful but no safemoon reflect in my trust wallet.
Also, when i check the transaction on bscscan it shows it was converted into some amount of wbnb but then converted to 0safemoons. kindly help.
find screenshots attached

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Hello @m9kavli
Please contact the safemoon support team regarding this deposit issue.

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I’m sorry I forgot the @JennyMillan. The transaction shows the 12m sent to my address. However I don’t have the 12m in my wallet. And so far I’m losing out on 5x the profits because of this.

Also, if you look at my wallet address on bscscan and look at what I should have, you will see in BSC Scan that my wallet should have the 12,656,167 SHIBANY. The only place that doesn’t show it is in my wallet in trust wallet. So how is that not a wallet issue?

Here is my receive wallet:

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Hello @Damian831
This is the transaction on BscScan also showing you received 12M tokens but have 11 tokens in your wallet.
Please contact that projects support team.

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I was paid in bnb 2 days ago. But it’s not showing up in my wallet. And then today. I trasnferred some $DSQ from p2b. And they are not showing either. The transaction is showing up on the Chain. But not in my wallet and balance.
Trust wallet version:

Tx hash for bnb transaction:

Tx hash for $DSQ transaction:

Not showing in my balance.

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Hello @M.Nauman you can try this :

DSQ is DollarSqueeze you can manually add it .

Yeah I have added it. And I bought it on pancakeswap as well. But when I transferred them from p2b. They are not showing in my wallet. I have the ones which I bought from pancake directly. But these are not showing

I cannot post screenshot or I would have. Screen is giving me an error

And the confirmations? The bnb transaction has about 65428 block confirmation.
Status: Successfull

And DSQ transaction has 21267 Confirmations.
Status: Success.

Both coins have been added in my wallet. But these transaction don’t appear in them. Not the balance reflects it

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Are you sure ,this is not a scam coin ? …

What is your Trust Wallet version ?

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Hello everyone,

I have sent BNB from my trust wallet to my binance via BEP2 network but accidentally indicated the wrong memo.

Is it possible to recover my BNB?
Who should I contact?

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Hello @baur86 You can’t , you should not contact anyone …

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Just sent APT to Trust wallet from Binance. Successfully transfered from Binance, but missing in Trust Wallet. Please advise

can’t find my coins

идентификатор транзакции TxID:


Binance wallet




Token holder


is there someone who can help me, please))

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