Transaction succeeded but value = $0.00

Hi guys

I bought and sold WANKER coins.

Both transactions succeeded but the BNB from the selling never went to my wallet because the value of the sell transaction is $0.00

Transaction ID is: 0xe4712c5336c010b57e32ef0d4a024739db5dbc9eb4ef8ab0827fb812bc793221

Trust wallet app version :5.22

Please help me!

My polkadot is not displaying correctly. It shows I have 10 trillion.

I am trying to figure this one out

Hello, try the following :-
1 Update your app
2 Reimport your wallet
3 Use VPN

Hey @Alan47 do these solutions apply for me aswell? I really don’t know what to do

Hello @Ntrussell yes, I replied specific for your issue. They can help fix your issue.