Transactions that you mark as failed deduct your money from your bank account

Hello, I hope you can help us, we are Spanish-speaking and we did not receive a response from our support. I leave you the following cases:

Hello everyone, as the title says yesterday I bought 50usd of BNB but after making the payment the currency did not appear in my portfolio. The money has been withdrawn from my checking account and the order does not even appear as pending in the application.

I have tried to re-import the wallet but to no avail.

What I can do? Thank you so much for everything.


The same thing has happened to me, after buying 80.99 BTC I have been sent an email which informs me that my transaction has been failed and that money has not been deducted from my account, however the money has been deducted from me MACH account. I hope you can help me, thank you very much.


Hello to me, the same thing has happened to me, could you please help me …


Today I make the purchase of Refinable with BNB when making the transaction tells me that the transaction was Failed, however my BNB was debited and I do not have the Refinable. Please I need an answer! And get my tokens back