Transfer and don't receive coin


here’s the direct link to the bscscan please let me know if there’s anything else I need to provide?!!
thanks so much this is really upsetting me paying my rent so im in trouble

thanking you for your help ~~!!!I have sent the requested info to both this thread and the ticket service , please help me as this is not something I can lose.


hey! are u stillll going to help me I really need to get my money back thanks

Hello your tokens are in your wallet, please add them as custom tokens using thee details
Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0xc001bbe2b87079294c63ece98bdd0a88d761434e
Decimals: 9

Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0x4f1a6fc6a7b65dc7ebc4eb692dc3641be997c2f2
Decimals: 9

Can anyone from trust wallet help me. Recover my funds I sent for help 5 hours ago and no one has attended to my ticket

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I have the same issue. Transferred MATIC from Coinbase. It says transaction was successful but no funds in Trustwallet
Version 6.11


Hello @jp86811
Please send your receiving address as a plain text and also the transaction hash.

This is my receiving address for thr bep usd tether



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Hello @jp86811
Please check your wallet, your USDT tokens were received are are complete

Trust me it hasn’t reached my account!! I stilm have the same 1800 balance and I’m supposed to have the 700 added to my account it never reached
Please help. Me

I used the dex converter to usd t bep 20 and it took my bnb but never paid me my tether, please help!!!

What do I do if it just hasn’t shown up??? There’s no record of it coming into my tether account. The account has been the same since I requested help 6 hours plus ago

@Alan47 can you please help me Itransferred XRP to trust wallet and after 2days still not received

I have a similar situation!
Transferred MATIC from Coinbase and it says successful however I don’t see any funds on my trust wallet. Please help

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Did you make this transfer of $800 out before you received the last USDT?

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no that was made at 10 38 am and sent by error. that transaction left my account fine and reached to the person. the bnb I exchanged for the 697.64 is what I am experiencing a loss

my last balance before the bnb transaction was made was 2,002.22 and the loss incurred when I did that move and the balance has been stuck at 1898.55

Thank you very much. I am still missing one. I sent you 3 hash #. Please advise. Thank you again.