Transfer and don't receive coin

@JennyMillan is there a way to jump on a phone call with u dear?
I really want to get to the bottom of this , im done with trust wallet for life if I don’t get this sorted.sad because I love the interface over metamask.

7 hrs 40 mins ago (Nov-08-2021 03:10:10 PM this was when the BNB to USD was made

8 hrs 11 mins ago (Nov-08-2021 02:38:45 PM +UTC) this is the transaction when I did the 800 and my account was left with $2002.22

Hello @jp86811
Here is a list of all the USDT transfers you made in and out, you can calculate and determine what your final balance should be

  1. $922 in - 0xefd16c4344af33212684d960ed8838e82822e368cfdc80ac1967bbddf4c240ad
    $922 out 0x02f8d7353c206180889fe959f8c8ec3b35e64d434e3f067c6e0e84c0405f1587

  2. $997 in - 0x7c9207974505bf26e4fc45c9d74c93f084b6a37762a81fce00deeafe0e3748c4
    $997 out - 0xd0274adb8c06d48e543e91a6aaa94dc4e28bd3dcf529f21e30dac5c9cda5cd34

  3. $1998 in - 0xdba73434e6e7b3124f7b2b7393bea80b2aeaf4a3a73679ec3fa0256815be7b9d
    $200 out - 0x8488583305dbfdad78c457bff2f7e1a13ae51e3ec51a705adff304157ecbac40
    $1798 out - 0xa27a03543ec2095e5b1c4b6a3852da6289922d9021f326f8e993de1458040324

  4. $498 in - 0xbd8d862c65b351561c9b617f74360f193de37e55d734db5e62be65fb7c1501f1
    $498 out - 0x93e14e59059aac17788d48c04876d076464df41df68b40fa2b9f2e58fc654245

  5. $1998 in - 0x183b9093ea565c8abb582b9bf45e7c0a88419492454595fdfc730b6f5b5ad34a
    $800 out - 0x4b36ddebbeebbe7ad2b3c3b70f992b9088a9be2ebd37bfcfc65462f27e7347e8

  6. $698 in - 0x9c22976be5a17be1c6bae7dbe34b8755662510e5997b7bf1eb98ba485e7b67f7

Now this would leave you with a total balance of $1897 which is what you have in your wallet!

@JennyMillan I have another question to ask you. I made a mistake in this transaction. Is there a way to help me?

@JennyMillan I have completed this transaction. I was unable to profit from this coin. so there will be a message Remind me every time I use the pancake swap app . check for me Let’s fix some…sorry in the message I use the app. Thanks for your time.

@JennyMillan Could you please look at me one more time?

Hello @Pak
When swapping tokens for the first time, you have to approve it first to be spendable.

That is what you did just now.

Since you are done approving the token, you need to enter the amount that you want to exchange then press the swap button.

All in all, you will confirm two transactions: approve and swap

NB: Both token approval and swapping transactions needs gas fees.


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Não consigo visualizar minha transação na TRUST WALLET. Consegui adicionar o token na carteira. Mas aparece “zero” mesmo o valor tendo sido transferido.
Podem me ajudar a saber o que está acontecendo ?

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@JennyMillan. I still don’t understand what you’re describing. But if one day update the application and these problems disappear tell me please. I will come back to do this transaction again.thank you .I hope for that :slightly_smiling_face:

Fiz a transferência de token bnb para baby Ethereum direto pela Trust Wallet. A transferência foi concluída !
Consegui adicionar o token na Trust Wallet, mas só aparece o valor zero

Poderia me ajudar ?
Fiz uma transferência de token. Direto pela Trust Wallet, da bnb para a baby Ethereum.
O saldo saiu de uma para a outra, mas não aparece na Trust Wallet !!
O saldo da baby Ethereum aparece zerado !!!
Mas a transação foi concluída !!!

Hello @Pak
What i have explained above basically means, when you want to swap your tokens, you need to approve them for swap first and you have done, so just go to the dApp where you tried to make the swap and just make the swap.

@JennyMillan Am I right that I made a mistake? My coins won’t come back to me.