Transfer BUSD to BNB-BSC addresses

I transferred 400 BUSD from my TrustWallet to my BNB-BSC deposit address on Coinex Exchange. Unfortunately, these two address were not of the same type, and I made this transfer by mistake.
The transaction was successful on bscscan but it did not appear in my Coinex Exchange account. Please help me. How can I return the amount of this transaction?

My BUSD on TrustWallet: 0xba53e1374736a34a8d467bb67ab0bc590c1cc83b
Platform: IOS - App Version Number: 6.12 (6129)
Transaction link: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Please contact the customer support of Coinex so they can assist you with the deposit issue

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