Transfered busdt to usdt... Is this a problem?

okay sooo, i used pankcake swap to swap my trades to usdt, wich is displayed in usdt in pancake swap app. I instantly create the usdt wallet op trustwallet but didnt see that it automatically tansfered it to busd. So long story short, i sent from my trustwallet, busdt to my Kucoin usdt wallet. Are they gone now? :frowning:
here are my 2 transaction links, can someone pls tell me my funds wont dissapear

I have the same problem. I transferred my BUSD-T from Trust Wallet to Binance USDT.
It worked for my first transaction, but the next time I tried it, the USDT never deposited in my Binance wallet?!

I’ve contacted Binance with no response over 3 days now.

HELP please

Hello i have the same problem cant youse my usdt BEP20 to anything plz help

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