Transferred BNB still at zero

I transferred BNB from coinspot and the transaction has been received but my balance is zero. I’ve tried another transaction from Binance and this was successful but the original never showed up.


Can you share your wallet address, transaction ID and the screenshot please?


I am attempting to and I’m getting an error message saying I cannot embed media items in a post

Is there anywhere I else I can send these images to as it won’t be me upload them on here

@Samueljdixon you can send your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text, just copy and paste here.

This is my transaction hash


This is my BNB wallet address


Hi @Samueljdixon your BNB BEP2 arrived to your wallet 37 days ago and immediately you did crosschain swap to BNB BEP20, here’s transaction hash: Dex Explorer
Your BNB BEP20 address is ```

Then you swapped your 0.38 BNB to SAFESTAR token which is currently present in your wallet.

Swapping BNB to SAFESTAR transactions hash:
Can you confirm this?
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Thanks for your help. I’ve tracked the transaction down. I repeated the exact same transaction again but it got stuck in my other wallet. My bad, cheers mate