Transferred coins not showing. Please help

Same boat on WINK. I sent some to my trust wallet, and it was confirmed but the balance is not showing up.
TRONSCAN confirms it’s in the wallet but the app is not reflecting that balance.

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Hello support team. Can we have some guidance if how to solve our issues please :pray:

I tried to do a swap from BTC to BNB thru Changelly the transaction failed and I never received my BTC back. I need help please to get my BTC

Bạn ơi có thể kiểm tra giúp tôi không. Ví trust không nhận được tiền tôi chuyển tới, mặc dù binance đã thông báo chuyển thành công.
Cụ thể:
ví nhận: 0x6A41Bb5b7d8A55c490cCbB744e7138660b1e52fe

Mã Txid 1: 0x361ea4586342044fd2c037a5a30ef82c5bd5d670f82b25160f1648977fcc8c81

Mã Txid 2:

Vui lòng kiểm tra và phản hồi dùm tôi với ạ.
Tôi chờ tin bạn và cảm ơn bạn.

i m trying to transfer the VET but ask for VETHOR for processing fees. i cannot buy them on trust wallet. BUY option not available. how do i deal with that. the VET is stuck in trust wallet i cannot withdraw them or transfer them, HELP HELP

Why is my transaction still pending it’s been at it for 3 days with no nonce

I swapped my coins on pancakeswap to BNB. I was able to see my bnb coins in my wallet but suddenly after 10 minutes later, it was disappeared. Is there someone knows the reason? where is my bnbs?

Hello I sent a wallet from Binance to ethereum but i can’t see it in my wallet please help … Thanks nm Txid 0xaa0ac4468b4bdcc57178

I harvested about 1.2 CAKE from my Pancake swap pool on Friday but uptil now it hasn’t reflected on my Trust wallet account. Also, my transactions history isn’t showing on each of the coins in my trust wallet account.


Please admin help. I try to send my btc but when confirm transaction i showed just like this?
How to fix this please help thanks

Help! All my Safemoon just disappeared when I refreshed the screen? I don’t know what happened and do not know why I cannot post a topic here. What do I do?

Buy vethor in binance and send it over to trust wallet you shouldn’t have a problem

I withdraw amount 8.26 qtum out of the exchange and deposited it in the Trust wallet.
in the trust wallet show received 8.26 qtum But it shows my assets are zero.

Nobody has responded to any of problems or concerns. Nor an email. I’m trying to retrieve a lost transaction there is no history of it. But it’s a failed transaction from 2 days ago


This my twt wallet adress but still balance show 0

Blockchain confirmed that transaction is successful
But still my twt wallet balance show 0balance

I have transferred usdt from my binance account 99but not showing yet in twt wallet

Hello I have transferred coins MDT (Measurable Data Token) from binance to trust wallet but there is no coins deposited in my wallet. In binance, it says the transaction has succeeded. Please help.

This is my MDT address 0x3fBD04D07424d04ca9d68d854E12275c2447B1f2 what do I need to do to at least retrieve back my tokens