Transferred Eths

I transferred Eth to my Wirex card and it is not showing on my Wirex but says success in the blockchain. Also how long for a purchase of Eth to your wallet does it take for transfer to go into wallet? I used my credit card.

Do you have a transaction for the transfer of ETH to your Wirex card?

For incoming transactions to the wallet, this will be depend on the sender.
As soon as its confirmed on the network, it will appear.
It would help if we know your address.

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Hi yes
This is my Wirex address.

Hi Andrew,
It has just now been received, thank you.

Can you please check my purchase of Eth to
Unsure which wallet, money has gone but still in pending mode.

Hi there
Thank you so much for your help. I had no doubts just needed to be patient.
Kind regards

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