Transferred USDT from Binance to BNB address

I withdraw USDT from Binance to Trust Wallet for the first time. I sent those USDT to the BNB address of the trust instead of the Tether USD address.

In Binance I have tx Hash and succeed.
In Trust wallet I have nothing.

1.App version: 1.28.1
2.withdrawal address is bnb1vf9jrehwtaj6drhhepxshzfq9tl4u0slwldzy7,txid is 2F1C4650A1B616162DC1DB320B9F24D766AFE57F376E66F174ED6BABC1ADBDF0

Can you please help I was trying to send USDT (Binance) to my USDT (Trust Wallet)

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Hi @Benz,

Looks like you already sent it back to Binance. Tx: