Trust Wallet Dapp for Sync

I know Trust Wallet is a decentralized application, people here just explained that to me very clear now.

But what if some developers creates a Dapp on an specific blockchain for Trust Wallet, so that it can connect to save and read some data, just like it does read/write transactions and balances on many other different blockchains, so we could have a sync-like feature as an optional premium feature probably with a fee.

This could give us the ability to config/write an e-mail address, usig that specific Dapp, for confirmation of new installations of Trust Wallet in new devices using our seed words, to recover an already created wallet in a previous device.

In this case, after the seed words are introduced in a new device, the Trust Wallet app could connect to your public address in the blockchain regarding the Dapp, and read the configured e-mail addres and sent a confirmation e-mail to ask the original user if the new installation and wallet recovery should proceed in that new device.

The original user could then confirm or reject the new installation using specific links within the confirmation e-mail for each of the options.

So, if the original user confirms the Trust Wallet app installation and wallet recovery in the new device the process would be continued and the wallet recovered in the new device.

In the other hand, if the original user rejects the new installation the process would be aborted in the new device and the original user would just know that his seed words has been compromised.

This will also allow for the Trust Wallet app, in users with that premium feature activated, te ability to have a list of devices using that specific wallet.

…again …this will prevent scammers to use your seed words even if they have stolen it from you. This is a dream!!!

Great thoughts you have but will still defeat the purpose of decentralisation. Using any sort of confirmation, be it email or mobile would make Trust Wallet no longer a Decentralised Wallet.

There are other wallets like Atomic wallet which is connected to your email, thus making it possible for attackers to target your email for hacking.

I hope you understand this point @Cape72

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I don’t see how decentralization is affected. The way Trust Wallet app function won’t be touched. We are talking about a control of who and how the Trust Wallet app is installed in other devices, the functional operation of the Trust Wallet app remains untouchable.

Having said that and exploring the case you mention abut someone that hacks your e-mail account, well nothing happens, the hacker stills need your 12 seed words.

Nevertheless, if someone steals your 12 seed words, he stills needs to hack the blockchain where all the e-mail accounsts are keep it just to know which one is yours. If the Dapp uses a blockchain like Algorand with military grade encryption, that will be a nearly impossible task!

Second, in the remote case the blockchain with the e-mail accounts is hacked he still needs to hack your e-mail account, in this case if you are using an encrypted e-mail service like protonmail that will be also very difficult to do.

Finally, this is an Optional Feature, if you think that this feature will diminishing your security in any sense, well you do not activate it and you will be as you are now.

The propoused idea is, as I said before, just a way to control who and how the Trust Wallet app is intsalled in multiple devices and prevent your 12 words from beeing used to recover your wallet without proper consent even if they have been stolen.

Your security will be brutally risen without changing anytghing about how the Trust Wallet app actually works.

Well, I got your point and it makes a whole lot of sense. Anyway let’s see if @TrustTeam takes this into consideration and see how it goes.

…it would be great! …Trust Wallet is one of the most complete wallets with lots of features and still room for improvement like some of other ideas from other users like the Trust Wallet Hardware version or the Web version, etc …but as you point it out, decentralization shuld be always the top featute to keep.

Hello someone managed to execute a transaction is to steal my ethereum while absolutely no one has my 12 words. I use this address a lot for AirDrop and other dapp. Can help me secure my trust wallet app even better. I can’t believe it. I used beffy I didn’t find any special permission. It’s this adress 0xa96339742ea5ad904ce94904cb4938ab30e626e5

pls help me someone hack my asset i dont know how it happen, almlst 800$ gone :sob: trustwallet team no response until now