Trust Wallet Not Syncing since at least 9:00PM GMT

I have been using Trustwallet for just a couple of days since I started mining and using trustwallet to hold my coins.

I receive coins every 4 hours, but since yesterday at 9:00PM (at least that is the first transaction not to appear) the transactions are not being counted.

I went to check the address and I can see all transactions were successfull, however trust wallet is not working.

I decided to deleted the app and reinstall and add my wallet back, and it shows 0, weirdly enough the TRX token are there, (Unmineable give you TRX token for some reason, but is only like 0.000008), in any case the fact is that Trust wallet is not sycing with the network.

Before deleting I could see transactions up to 9:00pm GMT, aftter reinstalling nothing, which means the connection betweent trust wallet and whatever network this things use is not there.

Could trust wallet fix this asap? is being more than 12 Hours now, we need some explanation.