TRX Deposit error

No tokens have been defined in the account after the deposit transaction.
Trx depposit:

Kindly provide us the following details for better assistance,

  1. Your Trust wallet app version (Click on setting > about & take an screenshot. attach It here.)
  2. Your Crypto address. ( Click on receive near to send option. Take a screenshot, Attach It here)
  3. Transaction Hash / ID ( write down, If you have any)
  4. Screenshot from the wallet. (Errors, Balance aren’t displaying etc.)
  5. Explanation of your Issue. (Ignore, If already did)

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The screenshots you want are on this link

Please elaborate your issue for helping you out. Looking forward to hear from you.

I sent lunaterrausd to trx deposit address

TRX deposit on where? And please explain by writing in details. We can’t help you if you do not share details.