Two BSC wallets? RACA won't show up

Hello everyone,

I have an issue I couldn’t solve. So I received a RACA airdrop from Coinmarketcap and apparently instead od Smart Chain address, I gave the Binance Smart Chain address in my wallet. You can see these two wallets in the screenshots. These have two different addresses. And the tokens cannot be seen in my wallet.

App version: 4.1
txn hash: 0x919D21c48cfaE9f176C97eb83c4331533cf23215
Binance smart chain wallet: 0x919D21c48cfaE9f176C97eb83c4331533cf23215

Hello @Soulianis
Your tokens are in your wallet and you only need to add it manually as a custom token using these details
Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0x12bb890508c125661e03b09ec06e404bc9289040
Decimals: 18

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I actually deleted and re imported my wallet and the second binance smart chain doesnt show up neither the raca tokens. As you can see raca is already in my wallet showing zero.

The smsrt chain address i have now is
0xD67A9355c1cA93d3B6b784f9200735b577c7e28A without the tokens

Hello @Soulianis
If the addresses don’t contain your funds, there could be number of reasons:
1 This is a completely different wallet, make sure you imported the correct one.
2 You have restored the wrong recovery phrases. Every recovery phrase has its own unique Multi-Coin wallet addresses. You need to find the correct set of words to recover your wallet. We do not have a record of these recovery phrases.

This was a first time wallet, I have no other wallets. Both smart chains are in the same wallet if you can just look at the screenshots. They have different addresses. I think it is a trust wallet issue.

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