Two Factor Authentication

Have you already set 2FA to your Trusty Account yet?
if you haven’t then you probably do it now…


That is necessary…notwithstanding that trust wallet is so secured…adding more security is cool


absolutely right…keeping your crypto’s much more secure

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Yes, of a necessity, it’s always good to set Two Factor Authentication wherever it’s provided. Irrespective of how secure the place may be, it’s an added security feature.

So, dear Trusteer, thanks for this reminder and notification.

It’s highly appreciated!


Yeah very important (adding more security)

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your welcome… good to know you’ve done already

There is pin option, you can set up pin

I guess you are talking about this forum and not trust wallet itself.


How you activate the two factors auteur on the app?? There isn’t this option

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Hello I didnt know the app had this option yet, i have been looking for it everywhere, and also does anyone know if the dapp browser will be coming back on ios

OK this is pure insanity that you don’t have this option when people are dealing with thousands (if not more) of dollars!!! Please trust team as a community we beg of you to impliment this! It probably wouldnt defy the ‘trust’ brand to have this security feature? Thanks for hearing our suggestions!!!