Unable to withdraw SAFEMOON to another Trustwallet

I keep getting a transaction error when trying to withdraw SAFEMOON to another trustwallet. The transaction doesn’t go through but my BNB is deducted anyway. Please help

Txid: 0xaa489b1add07a1798792cf75c268122747191d6522a45e7f9c68286e6da40836


Error transactions sending my safemoon to bitmart platform. My bnb smart chain was deducted several due to multiple error in sending due to out of gas. Please help



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I’m having the same issue and it’s really frustrating. I tried gifting some friends some safemoon that were having trouble buying first transfer went fine but the last two say BEP-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs). Check with sender

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I can’t transfer safemoon to other wallet address but I still get charged from bnb for failed transactions

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My friend is having the exact same issues trying to send me some. Please respond Dev team. I really want my coins

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Please someone helpp same problem i losy alot of money from this please find a fixx this is so bad

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I am also facing the same issue, I tried sending safemoon 5 times to another trust wallet, but I keep getting an error message, & I’ve been charged for gas fee for all the attempts… please I don’t understand what’s going on

Me too 20 $ till now , and if u post in comunitt u banned , instead of give right answer u banned this is last 2 recent transaction i have more 6 of failed transaction but charge me bnb



Exact same issue here. Someone at TrustWallet support should really look into this, instead of letting us fend for ourselves in the wilderness. This is nonsense…

My transaction hash:

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This is just unacceptable, I am also having the same problem. My Safemoon tokens are stuck on Trust Wallet. Like everyone else here, I’ve burned too much BNB trying to withdraw Safemoon. TRUST WALLET TEAM needs to fix this now. Its not like the service is free, because the fees are outrageous.


Every one is having the exactly same problem, including me.
I see the first comments posted in this section is from a week ago.
TrustWallet Admins, we please you to fix this problem ASAP.
We all wasted bunch of BNBs, and we don’t have that much time left, since the SafeMoon is having a spike right now.

Same, I bought some for my friend because he wanted to get in, now he has Trustwallet too and I’m trying to send it but it keeps getting an error and taking the gas fee twice.

same issue, got enough to cover the gas fees (trust me) cant send safemoon and Grimex either to my friend… tested out bnb and doge and that worked.

Same - this has been happening several times over last week gas limit is too low and you can’t adjust it - trust needs to fix this it takes about 440k gas to send and limit is at 144k

Yeah this needs to be fixed my friend took slot of convincing and now this is all messed up

Guys , you need smart chain coin to do that . Gas in safe moon is smart chain.

Yeah we know.
And we used the smart chain to pay the fees.
But guess what?
The Trust Wallet just took the BNB network fees, and gave us an error.
This is so stupid. They have to fix it right away.

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I’m having the same issue and it’s really frustrating. I’m not able to send Safe moon to another TrustWallet nor another waller.

How much are you trying to send out it happens sometimes
Just be calm you own your assets

No matter what happens the fees will be taken
And it isn’t Trust wallet taken it but the blockchain
It’s like you taking a cab to a mall even if the mall is closed you still have to pay for the cab