Uniswap devalues my Ethereum Gold Project (ETH) and does not swap

I tried to swap my 2000 USD valued ETHG to ETH on Uniswap, but Uniswap valued it at 300; in addition, when I tried to swap, it only charged me the fees, but I did not swap my ETHG into ETH.

@CryptoPxla191 about low price on Uniswap, that’s not issue with the app as app fetches pricing info from CoinMarketCap.

About swapping, if you are swapping a token for the first time… it’ll involves two transactions, one for token approval (I think this is what you did) and swapping transaction. You have to get back to Uniswap and swap again.

I am not sure if what I did was the approval because the transaction is not called “approval.” It’s called “Transfer.”