USDT from Okex On TRC20 Did not to my Trust wallet

I didn’t receive my 2,437.283 USDT (TRC20) which i have sent from Okex to my trust wallet…my amount was deducted in Okex but i didn’t receive it in Trust wallet it was before 11 hours. please help What can I do. What is the problem,

This is my Txid: 6296fe9dbe6a1b5f78d3a0eb1b30e36830ed0865cf681ad8e2a129088953c654

My USTD TRC20 in Trust Wallet:TCXYHVuKRSwzn3KoMP6n31wCA6ed3rrmRx

Okex adresTRC20 Transfers::TM1zzNDZD2DPASbKcgdVoTYhfmYgtfwx9R

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same problem whìt me from BitMart.
I go to check your adres because mine adres is not find in tronscan mabe your too

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same here from binance to tw using trc20

Wallet adress: THQdDGoiNEmcKGptshAUKamAbLTPw7jKwy

txid: 5ece96299ec4c80cd72529e33d9421b17f00a47a60d3c85a0378b1a4c643cc6d


brgسلام من مقداری
ازکوکوین به تراست انتقال دادم تراکنش تایید شده اما نیامده به کیف پولم


all of as have same problem ,all money go to same addres ,I thing this is address owned by Trust Wallet!!! They supose to send them to as soon is posibble,don’t know why no answers from support all day???!!!

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Same here. Bought BNB from app link to simplex for purchase which shows that the transaction was approved, was withdrawn from my bank account, shows correct wallet address but the funds are missing. It’s been 36 hours