Using pancake to buy facemoon

I have Trust Wallet on an Ipad.
I have a balance in BNB smart chain
I want to buy Safemoon.
I understand I have to go through Pancake
When I open pancake, go to ‘more’ I click ‘swap to binance chain.’
I see you pay and you get, but cake is posted on both ends of the swap.
I can’t add BNB and Safemoon as the you pay and you get options.
Help please.

I should add the pancake swap page says swap not available.
Is there an alternative route, in Trust Wallet, to safemoon?

I went on BitMart bought then withdrew from BitMart to trust wallet. It was fairly easy that way there’s also videos on safe moons website for ways to buy and transfer

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Do I have to do something to ‘activate’ Pancake?
Can toy go direct fro. BNB as art chain to safemoon?