Wallet Provider Error

Network provider (BSc binance smart chain network) for Pancake swap but other wallets is work perfectly fine pls help. admin MOD

I tried a lot of different scenario of uninstalled then installed again clear cache/data reboot/restart my phone turn off within hours to rest troubleshooting and also login my private key into different gadget smartphone android even on a lot of computer just to test won’t even save my issue…

as you can see my first screenshot is currently on approved this is from settings on trust wallet I am used the manual QR code scanner

I have also stable connection of 5GB of wifi and back up data mobile of 4G connection…

is it safe here to post my wallet address do I need to worry about DUST attack?

Hello @DgamerZ1989 you have to select Trust wallet directly on pop up options not walletconnect.

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thanks for the advice yes and I did success (I can swap now) but why? I have also tried it yesterday nothing happened… and also I have chose wallet connect on third party dapps?.. is this cause importing automatic with trust? wondering.

I mean migrate into another wallet (walletconnect - trustwallet) thanks for the response sir now I am at ease.

@DgamerZ1989 probably you did something wrong when connecting. There’s no need to use WalletConnect for Android devices unless you are trying to connect to the PC. Dapp browser is stable.

Imported wallet has nothing to do with this issue.

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